Michelle’s Approach

Safe, Comfortable & Supportive Environment
I practice collaborative, relationship-based psychotherapy from a systemic perspective by:


Examining your thoughts and beliefs, how they are supporting or impairing your life goals, and how they are affecting your emotions, actions, and relationships.


Learning about you by examining how you are in your significant relationships, and what your understanding is of your role(s) within your relationships and within yourself.


Understanding that you do not exist in isolation. Your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors were created in relation to other people and continue to manifest in relation to other people.

Identifying Your Strengths

I view your problems within the context of your unique set of relationships and life experiences. You may be stuck in repetitive patterns that do not utilize your personal strengths to your fullest potential. Therefore, my approach involves identifying your strengths and proposing a treatment plan that utilizes them. In the case of couples and family therapy, each person’s individual strengths are identified, as well as the strengths of the couple and/or family as a whole systemic unit. My approach, in general, is to provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for every person to learn and grow within themselves, their relationships, and their experiences.


My approach to therapy is integrative, meaning I use several different professional theories of thought. I do not adhere to just one theory of treatment as each person has unique situations, thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors. Therefore, my approach allows for flexibility in using the proven theoretical elements that best fit each particular person, couple, or family.